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  • Why are maternity pictures important? Are maternity photos worth it?
    Pregnancy is a unique and special time in a woman's life, and capturing the beauty of this moment is something that many women cherish. Maternity photos have become increasingly popular over the years, as they provide a way to document the journey of pregnancy and create lasting memories. But are maternity pictures really worth it? The answer is a resounding yes! Whether you're a first-time mom or a seasoned pro, the benefits of having maternity photos taken are numerous. From celebrating your changing body to creating a tangible reminder of this special time, maternity pictures are a valuable investment in your family's story. So, if you're on the fence about whether or not to schedule a maternity photoshoot, read on to discover why these photos are so important and why you won't regret capturing this incredible moment in your life.
  • Which month is best for a maternity photoshoot? In which week maternity photoshoots are done?
    We strongly recommend against getting the photoshoot done beyond 36 weeks of pregnancy. Maternity photoshoot is very exhaustive and requires a lot of posing and standing for expecting mother. So maternity photoshoot beyond 36 weeks of pregnancy would not be a comfortable thing for expecting mothers and can put stress on mother and baby.
  • What should I wear for maternity photos?
    1. Maxi Dress Maxi dresses are perfect for maternity shoots as they are very comfortable and flattering. It’s great for showing off your beautiful baby bump, but can also cover up any ‘problem areas’. The dress can be halter neck, 3/4 sleeved, off-shoulders or even sleeveless, take your pick! 2. Body Hugging Clothing Body hugging clothing looks great to show off those beautiful pregnancy curves. It’s simple and keeps the attention drawn to your tummy and you. 3. Solid Colours We recommend solid colours as this would help your bump stand out the most. Simple solid colours focus the attention on your baby bump. 4. Bare Your Bump If you’d like to show off your bare bump, we recommend wearing a solid, coloured tube and matching bottom. You can also wear crop tops or a shirt with buttons undone and matching bottoms/denims (non-maternity type) to show off the shape of your bump 5. Texture You can make your photos look more interesting by wearing clothing with different textures. It’s a great alternative to prints or patterns, and adds more dimension to your photos. You can wear an embroidered top, lace dress or pair your denim jeans with a cotton shirt. Be creative!
  • Why choose Baamboo Studios?
    Baamboo Studio specializes in capturing the beauty and joy of motherhood. Our group of talented picture takers has broad involvement with making staggering representations that feature the exceptional pith of each anticipating mother. We make sure that every photo session produces treasured memories that will last a lifetime by dedicating ourselves to quality and paying close attention to the smallest of details.
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