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Pre/Post Wedding Shoot 

In today's world finding photographers and services is like a butterfly trapped in a net. 

"Dream Big, but be practical", there is no point in wanting to become, Amazing Spiderman when your town lacks tall buildings. Following are the attributes to hire your spiderman.


Passionate Images

Customers deserve to get the best images (no limits on colour correction - editing or costume). These passionate images are drawn with passion and meditation, meant to inspire anyone.

Paintings to be drawn will remain consistent exceeding all the attributes as it is the same artist who will paint you as well. 

Outdoor Shoot Videos


Pre-wedding videos are like a chance to present your moment in a movie format. Baamboo Studios approaches video with a simple story developed into a video. The concept blends well with the personality of the couple. 


Digital Invitation

The digital invitation is presented in the format called a "Save The Date" poster.  Make sure the big day is marked down in everyone's calendars with an online save the date.

A poster is included in all "prewedding" packages.


Endless Fascination for the Art -Its Hot Right Now

If you already know each other, I am sure you don't mind spending more time together and if you are tired of doing a pre/post wedding because it has become a popular trend here is the one for you. The time has arrived when you show all your love by doing little crazy things. It could be lighting up candles, flying with spiderman, driving your dream car, dancing with MJ and more !!! 

Album - Art Of Awesome

Album - Art Of Awesome

Palest Ink is clearer than the fondest memory. 

An album is what you will look at time and time again, you will get the album out and show relatives and friends. You will get it out on anniversaries and look through the pages, you will show your children and in years to come you will show your grand children. Looking at the images via disc on your computer or i-pad just isn’t the same.


Props - Add On

Standards props like message banners and more will invite 

a variety in terms of all aspects. This is included by default in all packages. We do carry a blow dryer, helium balloons, flowers, a smoke machine and more based on shots planned. 

Counting Your Blessings

Now we want to speak about our packages and cost .


Check out the wonderful videos captured.

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