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In Eastern Philosophy, Tao means "way" or "path"- a 

journey you're in the process of doing bettter . Tao has no beginning and no end .

Educating about anything is a Tao- there is no end to the process.  The journey itself is a reward. 

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Lost in the melody

I used to enjoy being lost in the world with Illayaraja sir music. Presenting the video of Venkat and SriDivya lost in the world of melody! 

Click on the image to view the video.

Cinematic Video - Outdoor

Eternal Love

Love can drive a person insane. Love has been the driving force of change for the better, giving people hope and something to look forward to. Thats's how we witnessed the love between Aditya and Veena, truely deserved to be called as "Eternal Love".

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Outdoor Cinematic Video

His First Kiss - Crazy Actions By Couple

"HIS FIRST KISS" - a short video about his first kiss on her mixed with crazy moments showcases by the couple.

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Outdoor Cinematic Video

"You Are My Fav Place To Go" - 

Jyoti's favourite place is the beach. At the beach, she feel joyful and have fun at the same time. She can enjoy the water and the sunset and have lots of fun. It is fun to have fun with the Pratik at the beach. To make sand castles and collect a lot of sea shells, a movable partner makes lots of sense.

Click on the image to view the video.

Music Video YouTube Thumbnail.png

Counting Your Blessings

Now we want to speak about our packages and cost .


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