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Concept #1


Expressionism puts the personal and emotional at the forefront of art, with subject mixed with colourful backdrops matters and props never used as the last of its worries.

Art Brut

It is clear that Leonardo, through his comprehension of art, began many things and never finished one of them, since it seemed to him that the hand was not able to attain to the perfection of art in carrying out the things which he imagined” - but not we. We are successful with our "ART BRUT" (creating art and working methods outside the boundaries of regular principles) culture in gathering your thoughts and presenting an art that exceeds.


Concept #2


Absolutely inspired by an artist named "Sawa" who appreciates little things in daily life through her art by adding flowers around. Flowers decorated around subject as per the advice from customer is definitely "Go For Theme" for anyone.

Concept #3


Tenebrism, from Italian tenebroso ("dark, gloomy, focussed"), also occasionally called dramatic portrait, is a style of shooting technique where there are violent contrasts of light and dark, and where darkness becomes a dominating feature of the subject. 

Concept #4

Flat Art

Essentially, the term "flat color" refers to a painted color that is solid, uninteresting subject  and completely uniform in brushstroke, depth, and tone. 

Concept #7


A new technique that kids and adults both have fun with - it's called "smash.". "Smash" can be performed on "Cake" , "Paint", "Milk" , "Watermelon Smash" or  "Water" .

Concept #5

Traditional style

Traditional style  is real and has a unique value, so it is considered to be more worthy when compared to other concepts. Sample image of costume is collected from customer , and we ensure to decorate in an unique fashion that blends with subject's tradition attaining high value for each shot captured. 

Concept #6


 Pastel refers to picture  made of  range of colors, particularly when multi colors  is used as a binder. Baloons and flags added  produce lighter colors, which is how we arrived at the use of props to refer to tones of high and low  saturation, like the light blues and creams worn by Crockett on Miami Vice

Concept #8


Boo Boo is a concept with teddy bears added as cherishing companion that boost imaginative play in children

Concept #9

Five Little Pumpkins

Celebrate fall by picking up the 5 little pumpkin theme decorated with suitable backdrops and leaves.

Concept #10

 Beauty and the Boss.

Concept design to showcase the balance between the attitude

and love .

Concept #11

Shades Of Purple

Pale shades of purple combine for a sophisticated, feminine retreat. Color choices are soft and subtle -- providing more depth than contrast.

Concept #12


As Relaxing as a day at the beach, this theme to design to blend with casual attire and accessories that blend well with stylish attitude of babies

Concept #13


Jungle Theme - jungle based theme setup for kid photo session using colorful backdrop animal props. It can be customised with printed forest themed backdrop as well. Kids loves jungle animals so that was an obvious choice for the theme of his cake smash photographs. We used tiger, monkeys and more bring the touch

Concept #14


Boss Baby photoshoot theme for the very best in unique for first birthday photoshoot

Concept #15


Milk bath photography is a type of portrait photography that places subjects in a tub full of milky water, often with floating props like flowers, fruit, or toys

Concept #15


Pose with Fruits and Vegetables. Shoot can be extended for a 

smash which will work even better interns of outcome

Concept #16

Be Romantic

Valentine Theme- Concept design with roses, LOVE tags, Heart Balloons, Roses mixed well with backdrop colors such as white, rose and more. It is romantic.

Concept #17

Baloon Cloud

Ideal concept to opt for cake smash and for anyone who prefer not to have much props around the kid gaining complete attention on expression of the kid.

Concept #18

Fruit Smash

Are you looking for an alternative to a Cake Smash Photo Session to celebrate your baby's first birthday?Fruit Smash sessions are most definitely one of my favourite photo shoots as baby is interactive and excited. This allows us to capture superb moments.

Concept #19

Pose With Cartoon Stars

Pose with your favourite cartoon stars. Images of cartoon starts blended well with appropriate background and props makes it to

be a perfect call for any cartoon lovers.

Concept #20

Boho Tent & Table

Tent Decorated with Artificial Leaves, Flower, and Fairy Lights

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